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Internet Services

New Telephone or DSL Services

Need a new Internet service connected at your home or a block of units?

We can work with any Telephone and DSL service providers to connect your service from the MDF to your unit or from the termination box to the wall socket. The cost for this is $77 inc GST per visit during business hours to your location.

All work is carried out by experienced and licenced and technicians.

If you would like to use our services, please call Darren on 0418 202 907.

DSL or ADSL Service Faults

Having problems with your Telephone or DSL service and cant get your provider to take any action without independent testing or trying some other equipment?

Buying a new modem or blindly having someone replace cables is not the answer and may mean you are wasting money.

We can come to you and test your service with our test modem and using our DSL test equipment determine the characteristics of your DSL line.

We then provide you with the information you need to give to your ISP or contact them on your behalf and manage your repair with the aim to improve the speed or quality of your service.

Part of our testing will be the isolation of your providers network, If we find an internal cabling problem we will provide a quote for your consideration.

Prices depend on the number of required visits and if Telephone Exchange work is required with authorisation of your Service Provider.

All work is carried out by experienced and licenced technicians.

To contact us, Call or Text Darren 0418 202 907 or complete the form below and we will contact you.